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LADA CUBE, founded in 2013, set out to prove that demountable walls could be awesome and function exactly like traditionally built walls, but with the added benefits of enormous cost saving while offering maximum flexibility and creative design freedom.

Colorado based Låda Cube, designs and manufactures modern and stylish solutions work for retail, residential, and any business’ needing innovative solutions with superb acoustical control, super fast build-out, and high level energy efficiencies.

Låda Cube aims to steadily move forward with the mission to accelerate the world's transition to reusable, demountable, and environmentally friendly new construction options.

Låda Cube is a unique wall system engineered from the ground up as a solution to sustainable interior and exterior construction. Since our inception, Låda Cube has made the prestigious Long List for the World Architectural News (WAN Awards) 2015 and was selected as one of the top 50 companies for the world's largest startup event, Startup Grind 2017 Global Conference. In 2015, Inhabitat called Låda Cube "the walls that could revolutionize the construction industry." Låda Cube continues to shake up the construction industry working with industry leaders WeWork, Tesla Inc. and HWKN among many other exciting companies.  



Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Grand Junction, Colorado

Employees: 5

Display Locations: Grand Junction, Colorado | More coming soon.

OUR WALLS. Låda Cube walls are pre-engineered and pre-manufactured, giving you incredible flexibility and function. Architectural in design and extremely adaptable, they provide limitless options to meet your company’s ever changing needs. Lada Cube walls have both aesthetic and functional agility. They are simple, expressive, parametric and sustainable – without looking movable.

OUR SOLUTIONS. Låda Cube creates customizable, sustainable architectural interior and exterior walls. At Låda Cube’s core is a set of robust interface elements that support reconfiguration, extreme levels of customization, and quick manufacturing turn-aroundLåda Cube’s solutions include high level, industry leading sound absorption for use in retail, residential, and any business' needing innovative solutions.

OUR FUNCTION. Låda Cube Walls are open to more function and more customization than any other in the industry, giving designers virtually unlimited freedom. The walls support changes in size and design, providing the size you need, at the speed you need, with easily refinished surfaces to suit future needs.

ENVIRONMENTAL STORY. Låda Cube interiors are environmentally sustainable, flexible, unique and highly productiveAt Låda Cube, our goal is to steadily move forward with the mission to accelerate the world's transition to reusable, mobile, and environmentally friendly interior construction options. EVERY LADA CUBE product using our technology is a step towards making increasingly affordable demountable walls available to the consumer. It's more than a wall, it's a Låda Cube.


A Colorado approach means we search for the best solutions and constantly consider our environment. The critics said it couldn't be done, yet we are here, taking nothing for granted. We challenge custom and question tradition. Our customers benefit from it.


Låda Cube makes the best demountable walls in the world. Our technology offers the most efficient path to a sustainable renewable wall system. No thin walls. No flimsy solutions. No hype. At Låda Cube we create solutions that are environmentally responsible.


Forget everything you know about demountable walls. The Låda Cube demountable wall system offers a radically different experience. The individual, the environment, and the building connect in ways they've never connected before.


Låda Cube’s goal is to steadily move forward with the mission to accelerate the world's transition to reusable, demountable, and environmentally friendly interior construction options. We're catalyzing change in the industry. 



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