Lada Cube Announces new Partnership with ECOR

August 24, 2016, Grand Junction, CO & San Diego, CA – ECOR and Lada Cube today announced a strategic partnership that will result in industry-leading advancements in the relatively new emerging market of modular/demountable wall technologies.

The partnership puts ECOR and Lada Cube in collaboration to accelerate the adoption of additional eco-friendly solutions that will lead to the reduction of the 160+ million tons of building related waste thrown into U.S. landfills yearly. Further, the arrangement is designed to carry significant benefits for companies seeking LEED certification credits while providing companies the ability to retain walls, which are used to build out spaces, as a depreciable asset.

Lada Cube has created a wall that most closely resembles traditional walls in their look, feel, and function but with the added benefits of being easily and quickly reconfigurable and relocatable through the use of internal reusable cam-locks. Through the addition/introduction of eco-friendly, versatile and sustainable ECOR materials, Lada Cube walls will continue to provide 21st century building solutions saving companies significant time, energy and resources.

ECOR materials will allow Lada Cube walls to boast up to 2/3rds reduction in weights while providing greater structural strength. Most importantly, further decreases in the overall environmental impact will be seen in Lada Cube walls with ECOR through the use of 100% reusable and recycled materials including the use of cellulose fibers from urban, farm, and forests, leading to a wall that has a minimal lifecycle footprint both in reuse and recycling options.

By combining existing Lada Cube wall technologies with the eco-friendly, versatile and sustainable ECOR materials, Lada Cube will continue to design and deliver unique solutions that will transform how we interact with and use walls now and well into the future. 

John Fay, Lada Cube President and CEO, states “We are excited to begin a new partnership with ECOR. Our agreement provides a framework for our companies to work collaboratively on innovative solutions for smarter building. We believe strongly in the technology that ECOR has created and we are thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate together.”

Don Moody, President and CEO of Noble Environmental Technologies remarked, "We love what Lada Cube is doing. Their mission and values are entirely consistent with ours. We have long believed that ECOR can be a superior interior wall material and are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Lada Cube to accelerate our growth in this application."

ECOR partial customer list includes Google, Apple, Amazon, Whole Foods, and TOMS Shoes.

About ECOR

ECOR ( - The ECOR product line of sustainable materials are made from 100% recycled content, certified cradle-to-cradle, 100% bio-based, recyclable and provide sustainable and healthy material solutions for the architectural, furniture, print and packaging industries. The ECOR technology is an innovative high-value recycling process designed to increase the types of recyclable waste, decrease dependence on wood and to enable the design principles of a circular economy. Visit to learn more.

About Lada Cube

Lada Cube ( - We can do better: Are your walls built to make you a dinosaur or are they built to be flexible, mobile, built for the future? Put simply, if you were going to create a wall today, you would build it to be infinitely flexible to grow with your business, to be mobile, to work in a way that makes it cheaper and faster to deploy and modify. That's the system that you would build, that's the system we build. We are Lada Cube.

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