Lada Cube is a remarkably important product. Showing that resources can and should be conserved.
— Eric Carter | Director of Foster

Offset Remodeling Waste

“Lada Cube is engineered to be durable & maintenance free”

Lada Cube locking wall panels and framework are pre-finished and relocatable to offset remodeling waste, creating a system which is 100% reusable. This makes modifying and expanding existing offices quick and easy. Change your floor plan on the fly. Build your space out faster than ever.

Lada Cube is an environmentally friendly reusable product, which prevents continual material/construction waste that traditional demolitions/remodels leave behind. 

With over 160 million tons of C&D waste generated each year in the U.S alone... what we are doing isn't sustainable.

At Låda Cube, we can do better.