Incredibly Fast Setup. Eliminate Delays.


Better Engineering. Limitless Design.


Creates Less Waste. Reusable.


Innovation Unleashed

Our goal is to create demountable walls that function like traditional walls

Låda Cube offers manufactured pre-engineered and pre-manufactured walls, giving you incredible flexibility and function. Architectural in design and extremely adaptable, they provide limitless options to meet your company’s ever changing needs. Our modern and stylish solutions work for retail, residential, and any business’ needing innovative solutions. 


Our Products

Lada Walls


When we discovered how much traditional stick-built walls perpetually consume in needless time including, energy, and resources, we knew there had to be a better way. This is why we set out to develop a better technology, creating a wall that becomes a game changer in a world of increasingly limited and costly resources. We create a wall that is meant to be infinitely flexible, to grow with your business and to save valuable resources. Now your walls are an asset.



Our Låda Skins are interior and exterior artistic design templates, which come in many colors and texture options. Our Skins allow you to create one of a kind and truly inspiring spaces. Skin templates fit easily over Låda Cube Walls or independently over any surface. Tired of your boring outdated look? Simply replace the Låda Skin for an instant change. No more boring out outdated walls. It’s time to give your personal expression permission to create the space you’ve always dreamed of.



The Låda Booth is an interior structure unique to the global trends transitioning towards more open floor plan office landscapes - and since space costs money, desks are often placed close together. As a result, intrusive sound and noise are becoming increasingly common. Låda Booths offer a robust platform for truly customized private spaces. Our units can be assembled and or disassembled quickly coming in many colors and texture options. Because lets face it, sometimes you need some peace and quiet.