Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Låda Cube blog. This is our space to comment without marketing filters as well as flush out new thoughts and ideas.  I have quite a few subjects I want to talk about over the next several months, but I will also look to you, my readers, for suggestions and ideas for future topics. I expect this to be a lively conversation.

Walls shouldn't have barriers (no pun intended)!

Today, I will talk about what we are doing here at Låda Cube, and why it is different than any wall that has come before.

If you've seen the numbers, we are throwing away our resources at an alarming rate. According to the EPA (see report pg. 17-18), a staggering two-thirds of all landfill waste filling our landfills is Construction and Debris waste (160 million tons)! An estimated 25%-45% of this waste is wood and drywall. Analyze these numbers and it's pretty undeniable, we have an unsustainable problem. The EPA states, "Barriers to material recovery still exist, many buildings and building materials are not designed to be reused or recycled."

With the traditional model we are severely misusing our resources and in turn we are wasting not only material resources but financial resources. The design front and behavior has to change - and indeed technology is a key component of the answer. 

My observation is that most demountable walls were designed by and for people who fundamentally feel that we should lower our standard of what a wall is and should be. Ideally, we should be content with "traditional modular partitions." I don't know about you, but anything that is traditionally modular (modular homes, modular office, etc.) is very unappealing to me. This mentality has led to dozens of unappealing modular "punishment walls" such as: 

  • Allied Modular
  • A-Wall
  • Desks Inc.
  • iDivide
  • Open Plan
  • Panel Built
  • Peti Clean Air
  • Porta Fab
  • Porta King
  • Sun Walls

I believe that walls should be comfortable. They create the environments that we love so why should we settle for bland out-dated, sterile, and plain boring?

We at Låda Cube love architecture. We love to design; we appreciate beautiful and character filled spaces. And Låda Cube Walls are built for people who love spaces with unique character. So our optimization is not for ultimate low cost, but rather for performance, aesthetics, and design appeal.

Låda Cube's attitude:

Since we are creating a no-compromise wall rather than the generic run-of-the-mill, cheapest solution possible, we took the opportunity to fix the worst problem of past attempts at modular/demountable walls: consistency to traditional walls.

It's all about rethinking the model.