We were grateful to read Catherine Winter-Hebert's recent article in Inhabitat, highlighting the unique benefits and game changing technologies that we are creating here at Lada Cube. Here is Catherine's write up regarding Lada Cube:

"Lada Cube's prefabricated wall panels could revolutionize construction, just building time in half" - by Catherine Winter-Hebert 03/03/15 

Fueled by the belief that traditional stick-built construction consumes needless time, energy, and resources, Låda Cube has developed a modular wall solution that cuts building time in half. The company's tongue-and-groove Demountable Insulated Panels (DIPS) snap together in minutes to create sturdy walls that can be easily reconfigured to suit any space's changing needs.

Låda Cube’s Demountable Insulated Panels (DIPS) are prefabricated walls made from rigid exterior pieces with foam sandwiched between them. These pre-made pieces can be fitted together easily to create walls, roofs, and even floors, requiring significantly less time than traditional construction methods. Instead of putting up a wooden frame, filling that with insulation, and then applying drywall, these wall pieces can be put up and attached together quickly and efficiently.

The walls have tongue-and-groove edges that allow them to snap together, and some pieces also come pre-channeled for electrical and HVAC needs, so they don’t need to be hacked at or drilled to create electrical outlets. As an example of how quickly these pieces can be assembled, the Låda Cube showroom model—which has nearly 64 sq ft of floor space and measures approximately 9 x 8 x 8 feet in dimension—was assembled by two people in fewer than 40 minutes, and then demounted in an equal amount of time. That’s significantly faster than standard assembly, and un-snapping latches creates far less mess than traditional demolition.

These unique fitted walls have an additional benefit: the ability to be reconfigured. If you’ve ever played with Lego blocks (or similar shapes that snap together), you’ve likely noticed that they can be taken down and reassembled to create new shapes. Låda Cube walls can do the same, so interiors can be adapted and altered to suit changing requirements. Since the walls are well insulated, an office space can easily be shifted and transformed into a baby nursery or child’s room as a family grows, and the walls lined with flexible noise barriers are ideal for a living space that will pull double duty as a recording studio.

A variety of different “Låda Skin” surface finishes are available for the walls, so they can be changed and updated whenever needed. From aluminum shingles and beech wood to mirrored acrylic and artificial grass, the 100 percent interchangeable skins allow any space to be updated to suit changing lifestyles and aesthetic preferences.

Låda Cube, we can do better: Are your walls built to make you a dinosaur or are they built to be flexible, mobile, built for the future? Put simply, if you were going to create a wall today, you would build it to be infinitely flexible to grow with your business, to be mobile, to work in a way that makes it cheaper and faster to deploy and modify. That's the system that you would build, that's the system we build. We are Lada Cube.