Introducing the Låda Booth...

The whole issue of office privacy is a topic that has taken center stage within the landscape of today’s modern office spaces. As spaces have trended away from traditional blocked up layouts, we are seeing a full transition towards the model of open space floor plans. These open floor plans are great for keeping everyone in the loop and allow for greater collaboration/creativity, but less awesome for quiet concentration.

Overall the lack of enough space for phone calls in particular is rising to problematic levels within these open spaces. More and more workers want to have spaces where they can make and receive calls with some privacy and without disrupting everyone else. Video-conference calling and solitude also tend to be in high demand.

The consistent and frequent feedback we receive is that individuals, logically in need of privacy, are most often stepping into larger conference room spaces in order to seek needed privacy. Having the larger spaces occupied, is reducing the overall efficiency of the entire office, causing unintended problems.

At Låda Cube we have created a solution for solving these privacy needs. Our unique platform is called the Låda Booth, which is based on our unique Låda Cube demountable wall technology.

The Låda Booth offers the privacy needed to make phone calls free of interruptions in an open floor office plan or activity based office environment. With Låda Booths you can design your office in a totally new way. Placing the booths in the middle of the office staff allows you to realize open plan office without the common noise problems.

Discussions stay private in the Låda Booth. Carefully selected soundproof materials and structural solutions ensure a pleasant and peaceful work environment. We find over and over again that the Låda Booth becomes one of the most popular spaces wherever it’s installed. 



The materials and design of the Låda Booth provide a very effective sound environment excellent for productivity. Due to great sound insulation and small floor plan dimensions, Låda Booths can easily be placed anywhere, right next to any busy workstation, narrow hallways to lobbies, and against any background installing in minutes with the ability to be relocated. The interior acoustic felt and the acoustic full and bi-fold door options with 7mm laminated glass absorb sound, making the space also echo free and comfortable.

Låda Booth interiors are designed so that the user is always facing the stylistic acoustic accent paneling. Thanks to the double box outlet, video and web conferences can also be carried out using a laptop offering charging for standard plug-in or USB compatible plug-ins. The booth also has a fan and optional LED lighting.

Låda Booth phone booths have a fresh modern design. The booth can easily be personalized to match the surrounding space for branding purposes by choosing the color of the outside walls. Our booth interior can be configured for free-standing work or with fixed seating or adjustable seating options.

The Lada Booth feels spacious inside because its workstation is placed along the side wall, leaving ample space behind the user's back. Dark interior materials and a bi-fold window add to the sense of privacy.

According to a recent study by Oxford Economics, 53 percent of office employees say ambient noise reduces their satisfaction and productivity. Only 18 of them say their management has taken steps to solve the noise issues.


Låda Cube is a US based company manufacturing numerous unique solutions using demountable walls, which allow for walls to be reconfigured and or relocated. We design and manufacture closed, quiet spaces for contemporary open offices and work environments, which are easily assembled.


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