GRAND JUNCTION/MONTROSE, CO- April 27, 2018 - If you haven’t heard by now, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has been publicly ridiculed for having his office oversee the funding and construction of a controversial secure phone booth that costs a reported $43,000.  Doing the math and assuming that Mr. Pruitt’s phone booth was roughly 16 square feet in size, the overall cost per square foot comes to an astonishing $2,687.50/per square feet!

It was widely reported that through a competitive solicitation of bids, the company selected to build Mr. Pruitt’s phone booth built the unit as a fixed/permanent stick-built structure requiring onsite painting, ceiling, walls and floor work.  Presented with four pricing options ranging between $20,560 and $43,000, officials chose the most expensively priced option because it included “expedited materials and working outside regular business hours.”

Now, lets talk about the Låda Cube alternative and how this narrative could have been much different and ultimately a win-win for all party’s involved. 

Just yesterday at Låda Cube we installed one of our highly sound-proof phone booth units with demountable (modular & moveable) walls, which we call the Låda Booth.  In it’s entirety, the Låda Booth unit installed in 40 minutes of which roughly 8 minutes included locking the shell of the wall panels together.  Now that’s the true definition of “expedited materials,” efficiency and speed. Not only that, but the Låda Cube project costs a relatively meager price (when compared to Mr. Pruitt’s phone booth) of $8,500. Just to reiterate, that’s $43,000 compared to $8,500!

LÅDA BOOTH INSTALL PHOTOS (Right Side) (Left Side) (Inside)

We’re certainly not here to point the finger at Mr. Pruitt and his staff, but to simply to brag about Låda Cube technology and encourage future projects to consider viable alternatives.  Construction as a whole is evolving and tech like Låda Cube is truly transforming manufacturing for the better.   

Please keep us posted Mr. Pruitt, should you need another phone booth, we can assist your team in reducing your costs, install time and scrutiny!


Låda Cube is a US based company manufacturing numerous unique solutions using demountable walls, which allow for walls to be reconfigured and or relocated. We design and manufacture closed, quiet spaces for contemporary open offices and work environments, which are easily assembled.