New York City, NY –July 30, 2019 - As part of the brief for their new display unit at ShowFields NYC (, ETHOS ( commissioned Låda Cube to develop a modular micro hotel unit consisting of 144 square feet.

This modular unit shell includes Låda Cube’s plug and play electrical (MEP), structural modular walls, which assembled in 4 hours, and a full bath ensuite, queen bed, multimedia projection, LED lighting throughout, and eventual space management technology. The wall technology within this unit allows for the space to be disassembled and reassembled elsewhere in a matter of hours. 

The idea was to have hotel rooms that that can be constructed in a similar time frame to the constantly evolving and changing business model needs of ETHOS, thus allowing for the future mobility and flexibility with full retention of these assets. This model allows us to reimagine the possibilities of walls beyond their initial configuration, eliminating the traditional wasteful remodeling model, which deposits millions of tons of C&D waste into our landfills on a yearly basis. 

Here are a few photos from this project:

The result, the ETHOS Micro Hotel Unit, is a bespoke modular room system built from Låda Cube structural modular wall systems that can configured and reconfigured in a variety of ways to create differently sized, fully or partially enclosed and or open spaces.

Each set of Låda Cube’s structural modular wall panels, allows for laymen teams with little to zero building experience, to install the Låda Cube system quickly and efficiently. 

Låda Cube in BRIEF

Lada Cube ( - Låda Cube, a building tech company, offers structural manufactured pre-engineered and pre-manufactured walls, giving you incredible flexibility and function. Architectural in design and extremely adaptable, they provide limitless options to meet your company’s ever changing needs. Our modern and stylish solutions work for retail, residential, and any business’ needing innovative solutions.