Keeping pace with ever-changing facilities needs is the continual and costly challenge for any business and if not done correctly, can often be the most costly in terms of your time, energy, and resources (money).


Many companies are taking the opportunity to make the change, and then change again, and again… to Lada Cube modular/demountable wall systems. In fact, many companies are changing their floor plans as often as needed to get the job done and the Lada Cube’s unique wall flexibility is providing these companies with a newfound competitive edge in the marketplace saving time, energy, and resources (money).

The challenges of keeping pace with ever-changing work place dynamics including evolving space needs based on growth, processes, and engagement are as liquid as the technologies market. So why don’t our walls reflect this flexible and ever changing market?


Lada Cube’s 21st century re-imagination of the traditional wall has allowing companies to be highly innovative and fluid in their approaches to reacting to consumer needs and operational challenges.  Many times facilities management gets floor planning wrong and a lot of times they get it right. Getting it wrong though requires companies to pivot as quickly as possible to adapt to new methods, systems and needs. However, quick pivoting is simply not possible with traditional stick-built construction, which has slow, disruptive, and wasteful processes. The need for building’s to offer flexible spaces has never been greater.

Lada Cube Flexibility Samples:

          Lada Cube Time Lapse Assembly (64 sq.ft.)

          Lada Skin (surfaces) Removal - European Beech Cladding

          Lada Skin (surfaces) Removal - Aluminum Shingles

To achieve this flexibility, Lada Cube offers wall systems that create unique layouts with floor plates, ceiling and wall systems, fully self-enclosed systems, or a combination of all or any of these. Lada Cube allows companies to truly keep up with the fast paced spirit of innovation. Reconfiguration and relocation of wall assets is a new essential tool of innovation. This new innovation, includes the relocation and reconfiguration of offices, collaboration/conference spaces, the assembly of private meeting spaces in the middle of remote and unique locations never before imagined (i.e. manufacturing floors/processes). On demand change and retention of assets are the true advantages Lada Cube offers.

"Your facility should never be the roadblock to your company’s innovation or efficiency." 


The market for wall options that look, feel, and function better than traditional walls and with high level sound attenuation properties is exploding.  Acoustically rated walls like Lada Cube, which stop sound from traveling from one room to another – are extremely valuable for facility managers tasked with finding effective products for creating quiet, flexible spaces.

Lada Cube unit Photos:

The demand pendulum is swinging away from stick-built walls and we encourage you to discover the benefits of Lada Cube walls and how they can provide your company a game-changing competitive advantage.