Moab, UT -- Låda Cube has delivered its first shipment to Moab, Utah providing the new owner with a quick and easy solution to dividing up 3 existing retail spaces easily and efficiently through the assembly of (2) 100% removable closets. The 3-stage quick build, required zero permitting, and was assembled in minutes saving TIME and MONEY. The landlord was able to provide immediate space solutions in order to get his new tenants up-and-running weeks sooner than with traditional stick-built construction timelines and regulations. 


The Låda Cube Walls chosen (LC-120 - 4-1/2") were made with our demountable insulated panels (DIPS), closed cell polyurethane core, and oriented strand board surfaces taking advantage of the existing space's walls, floor, and ceiling. Låda Skins were not used. 

This customer joins a growing community of Lada Cube Wall owners nationwide who are saving time, money, and resources. After the customer completed their install, here was his response - 

"I definitely will use the walls again in other applications."

-J. Cassity

The first delivery in Moab comes as Låda Cube representatives are providing educational and informative presentations nationwide showing off the numerous benefits of our wall technologies. We happily welcome all prospective customers to contact us for a presentation and additional information on how Låda Cube can be an asset for your needs.

The Låda Cube Walls highlight Moab's 21st century technology like no other walls. We are proud to be a part of the world's transition to wall mobility.

Here are a few photos from this project:


At Låda Cube, we will also be making the first delivery of walls to San Francisco, CA this December 2015, where we will be demonstrating another uniquely flexible attribute of Lada Cube Walls -- the only wall that looks, functions, and feels like a real wall and can be reconfigured and relocated fully or partially. More details coming soon!


Låda Cube's goal is to accelerate the world's transition to reusable, demountable, and environmentally friendly new wall construction solutions.  

Låda Cube™ creates innovative self-contained, innovative self-standing modular room systems, offering maximum flexibility and creative design freedom to our customers. Our modern and stylish solutions work for retail, residential, and any business’ needing innovative solutions with superb acoustical control. Our walls look, feel, and function like traditional walls with the added benefit of being reconfigurable & relocatable.

At Låda Cube, our product eliminates traditional barriers of acoustical buildout costs, making it possible to organize rooms exactly as you wish regardless of your location’s conventional constraints. Our modular design allows for an endless range of sizes from single occupant rooms to large, multi occupancy spaces. Låda Cube can also be relocated and reconfigured, allowing for industry-leading configuration flexibility.

Låda Cube combines several innovative elements in the manufacturing of our Polyurethane+ modular panels. Our product uses a specially-designed polyurethane+ closed-cell foam that offers several crucial advantages: strength, thermal performance, and a Class A rigid polyurethane. We also offer an industry first green wall, which is made from recycled cardboard & paper waste agricultural fiber! Strong, dense, and with a high strength to weight making it an excellent green replacement to many board materials!

At Låda Cube, we use construction methods that offer critical advantages over traditional stick-frame construction. Our free-standing rooms are fully-adaptable to changes in work requirements and room layouts.

Låda Cube systems allow for shorter build-out timeframes, less waste, and significantly reduced labor costs.

Låda Skins™ are interior and exterior artistic design templates, which come in may colors and texture options. Our Skins allow you to create one of a kind and truly inspiring spaces. Skin templates fit directly on the surfaces of each Låda Cube or independently on any surface.