June 2014, while walking around Vail, CO visiting the GoPro Mountain Games we began thinking to ourselves, why can't marketing canopy tents be awesome? Why are they so bland? Why hasn't this market seen a significant shake up in 30+ years? 

From this experience we received a clear vision that would forever shake up the canopy tent market. We essentially took all the things that we hated about the standard EZ-Up tent (flimsy, poor fabric, cheap aluminum, unsightly weights, etc.) and engineered the marketing tent of our dreams and we hope yours.

The results are a better, more attractive, and highly functional option. Our tent is called the Lada Event Cube. The Lada Event Cube has the following patent pending features and functions:

  1. Fully demountable for easy flatpack transport. 
  2. Carrying Cases available.
  3. Custom vinyl logo wrapping (your logos & look). 
  4. 5 different fabric Sunbrella (600 denier) topper options (circus, pyramid, half-dome, louvered, modern triangle).
  5. Water/sand fill system for added weight/stability (no unsightly weights & no worrying about high winds).
  6. Wired for low voltage electrical (i.e. LED lighting) with corner plug-in (product lighting to attract patrons).
  7. Extremely strong, televisions can be mounted, harness systems can be modeled, product can be hung, etc.
  8. Base offers the option of wheels for easy relocation when assembled.
  9. SEG Extrusion printed Sunbrella (600 denier) fabric optional side wall(s).

Check out our photo gallery of the Lada Event Cube.

The Lada Event Cube is so strong our heaviest employee can literally do pull ups on it! Because, seriously, who doesn't want to do pull ups on their marketing tent!?! But in all seriousness, if you have a need for displaying your harness system, hanging tons of product, hanging flat panel televisions, etc. this is the tent for you.

As amazing as the Lada Event Cube is, there is truly more to come. We are constantly working to engineer additional solutions that we believe you will love and will truly make your life easier as well as present your company in the best light possible.