At Låda Cube, we offer an industry leading commercialized - 100% recycled wall made from innovative materials, processes, and technologies, which were invented through a collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service and our partner company. We are proud to use these technologies in the production of our Demountable Insulated Panel (DIPS) Walls thus offering what we believe are the best solutions balancing the need for cost-efficient sustainability and the desire to maintain the highest standard for how a wall should look, function, and feel.

Specifically, our walls offer practical cost-efficient and green options for high grade structural and non-structural panels made from sustainable materials without the use of toxic adhesives. We accomplish this through the use of fibrous cellulosic materials (including recycled paper, cardboard, and many more agricultural fiber options) to provide an assortment of composite panel options that constitute the finished material options used on the surface of Lada Cube Walls (DIPS).


Using these materials creates an alternative to logging old-growth forests through the use of low value woods and materials destined for the trash heap. Now we can take these discarded materials and repurpose them in ways that actually lead to viable products, which perform just as good and in many cases better than most construction grade products currently on the market. Amazing right?

In many cases these products can even have properties, which make them stronger than Kevlar fiber and lighter than fiberglass or carbon fiber! 

Our development and collaboration in marrying sustainable, attractive, high quality building materials will change the future of how we interact with traditional "waste" by driving us towards plentiful and readily available local resources. The end result is an opportunity of being even better stewards of our environment through renewed opportunities to define technologies that will continue to save us time, energy, resources, and money.


An example Låda Cube sustainable technology was most recently used in the build-out of an ADA Accessible dressing room for a retailer in Aspen, CO. Our client's goals included a quick build-out, bypassing permitting, and an elegant wall that matched the high-end design of the space.  By installing the dressing room in hours, this allowed the client the ability to open their store 3-4 weeks early thus allowing them to reach profitability much sooner than traditional methods. This Låda Cube install also qualifies for 7-year depreciation under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System and allowed to be classified as "tangible property" sometimes referred to as "equipment." By comparison, conventional stick-built construction is depreciated over a 39 year period.

Here are a few photos from this project:

At Låda Cube we are strategically positioned through these developments of sustainable and reusable materials to assist in your project needs.

Contact us for more information Products used included Lada Cube Demountable Insulated Panels (DIPS), biomass fiberboard.