"Our goal is to affect the world in a profound and positive way, or we're not interested"  -  John Fay CEO/Founder Låda Cube

At Låda Cube we have created flexible walls, made of 100% recycled materials, which look feel and function as a traditional wall. Our wall technology is contributing to practical market altering clean energy applications, allowing for the ease of current and future worldwide energy consumption concerns by providing a solution that perfectly fits our ever changing and fast pace economy.

Imagine being able to take discarded waste and effectively use these materials, previously destined for the landfill, in the same manner that we currently use existing building materials. At Låda Cube we are making use of these materials in building applications. By providing one of the lightest, strongest, and most sustainable walls known to science we are able to show that companies can experience very significant savings of time and money.

Made from 100% recycled material, and strong enough to replace conventional wood counterparts, our environmentally friendly biomass fiberboards incorporate waste products such as recycled paper, noxious weeds, industrial hemp, and forest debris to create a product that revolutionizes familiar building material. These technologies make our walls even more sustainable and environmentally friendly beyond their already user friendly flexible properties.

 PHOTO #1 - Cellulose Fibers

PHOTO #2 - Gen. 1 Biomass Fiberboard

PHOTO #3 - Gen. 2 Biomass Fiberboard

Lets say that you want to build-out a space to create offices. Instead of building traditional walls, which have zero future functionality and user ability, Låda Cube offers future use technology through reconfiguration and or relocation capabilities. Now you can make your spaces larger or smaller, easily divide large rooms into smaller ones or visa versa, or completely relocate your walls to a new location! These flexible options create enormous newfound financial cost savings for the user.

The intent of Låda Cube is to serve as an example to the building industry, showing that we can build it better while accelerating the world's transition to wall mobility through our Demountable Insulated Panel (DIPS). We can provide customers, designers, engineers, and industry professionals new ways to built strong, energy-efficient, flexible walls and we can do this while saving valuable resources. 

Whether it's a as a tiny home, dressing room, backyard shed, wood working shop, commercial interior remodel, or building a house, the traditional composite board is a common construction material found throughout all structures. These traditional composite boards use humankind’s most trusted building resource, wood, as a primary base. At Låda Cube, although we do offer these common wood materials as an option, we also offer unique biomass fiberboard options that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Låda Cube's biomass fiberboard technology provides the most sustainable and flexible materials for 21st century advancement in building. 

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